Black Love Convergence
Black Love Convergence

A Call To Action

Loving blackness as political resistance transforms our ways of looking and being and thus creates the conditions necessary for us to move against the forces of domination and death and reclaim black life. -bell hooks

Black Love Convergence is for ALL Black people. We hold Black as a unifying identity marker that includes the experiences our ancestors and kindred who hail from, the now 54 nations of Africa, The Americas, Europe, Canada, our Afro-Latinx/a/o family, Caribbeans, and those of Mixed Race experience (so all of us!!). Our intention to be an affirmatorium for all Black folks with an emphasis on ensuring that our Transgender, Queer, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex, Non-Monogamouos/Polyamorous/Kinky kindred are held with love and respect. Black also serves as a political ideology to align Black Love Convergence with the legacy of Black movements, including Slave and Prison Abolition, Anti- Lynching, Civil Rights, Apartheid, Black Power and The Movement 4 Black Lives.

Black Love Convergence defines love as all the relationships sustaining us to continue to live into freedom. These are our self-defined family connections, communities, romantic, sexual, relationships with nature, spiritual relationships, and all intimate relationships we cherish. Black Love is defined as our right to fall madly in love with blackness - in ourselves, each other, and our community. While Black Love is often restricted to discussions of romantic love between 2 black people (normally heterosexual cis-gendered married Black people) we offer a broader and deeper definition: Black Love Convergence will explore how Black Love shapes our friendships, families, partnerships, communities, social justice movements, parenting, loving outside of the African diaspora, and our ability to strengthen alternatives to capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.

Adapted from permaculture communities, a convergence is a gathering designed to root participants to land by bringing resources, learning and sharing skills, and collectively working towards sustainable transformation. Black Love Convergence hopes what is learned, shared and offered is carried with you to strengthen your body, family, community, movements, and creativity to create alternatives.


I keep trying to embody how Black Love Convergence made me feel in my everyday life and it has been amazing! I feel shifts in how I communicate and interact with MY PEOPLE.

Farron, Weekend Escape 2018