CARE Strategies

Energetic Self-Healing with the Elements

CARE Strategies
Energetic Self-Healing with the Elements

Caring for ourselves energetically is no different from the care we take of ourselves physically

and emotionally. The same way we can brush our teeth, eat what our body needs and desires,

and set boundaries for relationships that feel good, we can establish practices to help us feel

liberated energetically as well as empowered against psychic violence and attack.

Through wisdom-circle sharing and experiential exercises, participants will learn and explore the

basics of energetic medicine along with how to apply and incorporate practices to heal and

balance their own energy bodies. We will learn and review basic energy anatomy

(chakras/aritus, auric fields, etc) and its relationship to our emotional wellness, our physical

health, and our spirituality.

As a means of reclaiming our natural gifts to support ourselves energetically, the group will be

guided to create a personalized self-healing care practice they can implement into their daily

lives. The prompts to support the creation of this practice will come from an exploration of our

most readily available resources-- the four elements of the natural world. We will share how to

utilize water, air, earth and fire to cleanse and support our energy fields, as well as explore the

ancestral practice of channeling light and energy into our bodies for healing. We will also pay

special attention to which areas of our energy bodies tend to respond most to harm from systemic


Lisbeth White (she/they) is a lover of the earth, wanderer of lands, web-of-life tender, poet,

dancer, expressive arts therapist, Kemetic Reiki practitioner, energy healer, listener, ancestor

celebrant and often has rocks. She is fairly certain our collective liberation is intricately tied to

ancestral earth wisdom and firmly believes each of us has unbound capacity within to be our own

wisest healers. You can read about her work more linearly at and more

picturesquely on Instagram as @earthmaven.